Winner of Autumn 2009 Formland Design Award
Winner of the 2010 Red Dot Design Award

LBP ( Award for Best Weaning Product 2012
Nominee German Design Award 2012



ToddlerCompany was created by three dedicated and talented people from Copenhagen, Denmark. Josefine Bentzen is the designer behind the ToddlerTable collection. Josefine trained as an industrial designer at Danmarks Designskole and had the idea of making innovative flatware for children that is not only functional but beautiful. Ina Luise Brixen has contributed with her experience in advertising and graphics, leaving her distinct visual mark all over the Toddler products. Lars Forsberg is a technical expert and think tank. He is trained as an engineer at Denmark Technical University and has a Msc and Beng. He is an expert on production processes, prototyping and material analyses. Many successful ideas and inventions have come to life throughout the years because of him.

The three talents behind the brand believe that their company is basically about “big thinking in a small world”. They are driven by new, fun and beautiful ideas that can help small individuals and modern families in their everyday lives. Of key importance to them are quality, environment and safety. With their products, they have met all necessary regulatory guidelines and they have strived to ensure their products exceed expectations.

At Toddler, they think of kids first. They take the demands of children seriously and design products that help them in their natural development and to support their creativity. The company was established with the ambition to create distinct functional and beautiful objects for the small individuals.

The Toddler products have been created in conjunction with experts who gave advice on the functionality and the ergonomic accuracy of the design.

ToddlerCutlery is only the beginning of the wonderful array of products that can be expected from Toddler that places the needs of children first and foremost.