With a background in fine arts and design, Janet Cho, the creator of Milkdot, has worked as a graphic designer in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Marseille, France. More recently before creating Milkdot, she was a co-founder of the New York contemporary furniture and product company, Intoto. Running a business came with many challenges and the internet proved to be a valuable tool for her extensive search for the best craftsmen in the world, from the US to Italy, China, Taiwan, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Her strong belief in craftsmanship results in taking the time and care to produce quality products.

Today, Janet lives and works in the West Village of NYC with her 5-year old son who is the constant inspiration in her life to follow her heart. As a parent with a design sensibility, she felt challenged by the search for quality utilitarian products for children. Her previous experience and entrepreneurial spirit helped make possible the launch of Milkdot to create functional, quality, safe and reusable products for parents who appreciate simple, clean, modern design.

Janet explains that: "Before working on Milkdot, I just assumed that if a children’s product was in a store, it was safe. It was not until I started to research basic materials for everyday bags that I became aware of how little we actually know about the products we buy. And like many parents, I had vaguely heard of PVC but never really knew what it was. Disturbingly, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) also known as the “poison plastic” is still used in many products. And in lunch bags, specifically, it can be found in the lining (which can have direct contact with food) and it is often used as a coating on polyester or nylon fabrics for durability. PVC is extremely harmful to our health and the environment, releasing poisonous chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects.

I realized how the importance of producing a product with safe materials would have to be my priority and my responsibility as a company. And as a mother of a young child, I‘ve learned that as busy as we are as parents, we do have the added responsibility to make sure that our children have safe products. Luckily, there are many great resources on the web that can help us become more aware of the concerns we are faced with today as consumers and as parents. It’s truly never too late to learn and a little bit of knowledge and effort can make a positive difference for the future of our children and world. It is this hope for growth that helped inspire the name, Milkdot."